Fat Shaming Trump

Image result for trump's fat guy cartoon

The most striking thing about President Elect Donald Trump is his poor physical shape. He’s a complete slob. American white nationalists who share Trump’s great admiration for Vladimir Putin must dearly wish Trump could proudly take his shirt off in public and strut around the way Putin does. Trump doesn’t strut; he waddles. His flabby gut hangs over his belt. One can imagine that if he did take his shirt of in public, it would be to shouts of “Oh my God, put it back on!” What a pathetic leader of a macho white nationalist movement. After all, white nationalists are worried that the white race dying out. Their new leader is a poster boy for early death from obesity-related illness.

Physical fitness is a tradition among American presidents. Ronald Reagan was fit as the horse he liked to ride. Even in his 80s, former President George Bush is slim and trim. George W. works out regularly and cuts brush on his ranch in the Texas heat. Barack Obama plays basketball. Apparently all Trump does is chow down. He looks like he would be risking cardiac arrest if he walked up a flight of stairs.

America is a deeply divided country, but surely Americans across the political spectrum are disgusted by flabby white males who collect trophy wives. Even those Americans who can be persuaded that Barack Obama is a secret Muslim can’t possibly believe that Melania would have anything to do with such a tub of lard if it weren’t for his money. Nobody is that gullible.

If white nationalism is going to have a future in America, American white nationalists are going to have to start fat shaming their anointed leader the way he has relentlessly fat shamed beauty pageant contestants. If they can fat shame Trump into dropping a few pounds, maybe they can shame him into getting a decent haircut too. Image matters. Ask David Duke.


One thought on “Fat Shaming Trump

  1. Jesus! Thanks for burning that image into my brain. Love the term fat shaming. People have been mocking his hair for years but that has gone nowhere. After all, the idea of looking like a clown can’t be changed so maybe he should be looking into enhancing it with a red nose and fuzzy hair.


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