Quote of the Day

“I have six locks on my door all in a row. When I go out, I lock every other one. I figure no matter how long somebody stands there picking the locks, they are always locking three”—Elayne Boosler

Total Reality Management

I have come up with a new management theory that will revolutionize the workplace, transform management-staff relations, save billions of dollars, and turn the economy around. I call my theory Total Reality Management (TRM). The entire thing is based on four basic rules for managers, three do’s and one don’t, with accompanying exercises. Here are … More Total Reality Management

Staying Calm

Many years ago, a young colleague of mine died suddenly from an aneurism. Everybody was shocked. I went to a friend’s office to tell him. “Did you hear about S.?” I asked. He hadn’t. When I told him about her untimely death, he looked at his watch and said, “Well that lunch date is off.” … More Staying Calm

President Trump?

By now it must be dawning on any careful observer of the American political scene that Donald Trump might actually win the presidency. This horrifying possibility seems increasingly plausible. Until recently, I was happily convinced that Trump’s nomination would be a gift to the Democrats. Now that his nomination looks inevitable, I am not so … More President Trump?

Idiocy Across the Political Spectrum

The Donald Trump phenomenon can be seen as a white working class revolt against the Republican establishment. That establishment has championed small government, tax breaks for the rich, privatization, and deregulation.  The establishment’s only attention to the increasingly impoverished working class—indisputably devastated by the loss of manufacturing jobs to globalization—has been to exploit its fears … More Idiocy Across the Political Spectrum

Quote of the Day

“There is a massive, irreconcilable conflict between science and religion. Religion was humanity’s original cosmology, biology and anthropology. It provided explanations for the origin of the world, life and humans. Science now gives us increasingly complete explanations for those big three. We know the origins of the universe, the physics of the big bang and … More Quote of the Day

Bernie Sanders and the Palestinians

Bernie Sanders has done it again. He compared poverty in Baltimore to conditions of Palestinians in the West Bank.  (http://forward.com/news/breaking-news/339308/bernie-sanders-compares-poverty-in-baltimore-to-conditions-in-palestine/) Connections have been made between the besieged African American community of Ferguson, Missouri, and the Palestinians under Israeli occupation, but those connections were made by Black Lives Matter protestors. That a mainstream politician and serious … More Bernie Sanders and the Palestinians