Collective Pride and Collective Shame

Ethnic pride has always seemed a little strange to me. One’s ethnicity is simply a question of birth, and having been born into a particular group is obviously not an accomplishment. Most of us readily reject collective guilt but have no problem with collective pride. As comedian Doug Stanhope said, “Nationalism does nothing but teach … More Collective Pride and Collective Shame

Ivanka Convinces Trump to Move to Moscow

The following conversation between Ivanka Trump and her father President Donald Trump was picked up by a voice-activated recorder planted by Obama operatives in Trump adviser Steve Bannon’s underwear, which according to leaks by White House staff he never changes. Ivanka: Daddy, can I talk to you about something? Trump: If it doesn’t take too … More Ivanka Convinces Trump to Move to Moscow

Quote of the Day

“For what does reason purport to do? Establish what is true, eliminate what is false and suspend judgement in doubtful cases. … What else does reason prescribe? To accept the consequence of what has been admitted to be correct.” –Epictetus

Questions for Trump’s Next Press Conference

    At presidential press conferences, it’s the role of the media to ask questions about important policy matters or now about the possibility that Russia has infiltrated our government at the highest levels and is calling the shots. But sometimes, wouldn’t it be nice to hear reporters ask some questions on behalf of the … More Questions for Trump’s Next Press Conference