Trump the Fascist?

Is Donald Trump a fascist?  A historian friend of mine thinks Trump is a fascist only if you define fascist as simply “a political opponent.” He said this in answer to his wife’s insistence that Trump is a fascist.  It does seem preposterous to claim that Donald Trump has thought seriously enough about political philosophy … More Trump the Fascist?

Quote of the Day

“The prescription for being a New Age guru is the following: 1) Create verbiage that appears profound but that is otherwise meaningless. People will attribute their inability to understand your sentences to their own failings rather than to your charlatanism; 2) Be charismatic and self-confident in your delivery, and perhaps deceive yourself as to the … More Quote of the Day

Persecution of Atheists

The Richard Dawkins Foundation has published a letter by British Roman Catholic Bishop Declan Lang denouncing the persecution of atheists in Bangladesh, several of whom have been hacked to death recently by fanatical Muslims. People don’t normally think of atheists as a persecuted group, but in fact they suffer severe discrimination in most Muslim countries. … More Persecution of Atheists

Quote of the Day

“As for the ‘religious’ arguments for the annexation of the territories—these are only an expression, subconsciously or perhaps even overtly hypocritical, of the transformation of the Jewish religion into a camouflage for Israeli nationalism.  Counterfeit religion identifies national interests with the service of God and imputes to the state—which is only an instrument serving human … More Quote of the Day

Three Political Truisms that Actually Aren’t True and One that Is

Money can buy elections. Former Governor of Florida and prominent member of the Bush political dynasty Jeb Bush spent $130 million on his campaign for the nomination and had to drop out of the race after coming close to last in most of the primary contests. Reportedly, the right-wing billionaire Koch brothers spent $86 million in … More Three Political Truisms that Actually Aren’t True and One that Is

Quote of the Day

“I believe in God, but I often find more common cause with those who say they don’t than those who say they do. I’ve come to care less whether anyone says they believe in God or not, and to care more about what they mean by that, and what they do about it.”—Nathan Schneider, “How … More Quote of the Day

Five Good Things About Donald Trump

He does not suffer from low self-esteem. He has the courage to be himself. He is not embarrassed by saying and doing really stupid things. He is a good family man and a good provider. He will never be President.