Grammar Quiz

Choose the correct word: Of the two cats, Isabella is by far the (smarter/smartest). Wayne had to admit that Cheryl’s humus was (tastier/more tasty) than his. The policeman (that/who) gave Merrill and Linda a ticket has been fired. Chrystia was taken (aback/back) by Ivan’s objection to her score keeping. Give the book to (whoever/whomever) wants … More Grammar Quiz

Right Words, Wrong Words

Choose the correct word: The patient is feeling (all right/alright). (Anyone/Any one) of those ties will go with the lavender suit. The students were standing (all together/altogether) in a row. The production of Rigoletto was (all together/altogether) brilliant. To succeed as an opera singer, you have to practice (everyday/every day). The (principle/principal) ingredient in cotton … More Right Words, Wrong Words

Grammatical Ambiguity

The sentences we write should have only one possible meaning. Can you spot the ambiguity in the following sentences? Anyone who cooks occasionally creates dishes that make one choke. She taught a course in controlling riots at the University of Alberta. We knew we would make money on the deal before it was closed. Try … More Grammatical Ambiguity

Subject/Verb Agreement

Choose the correct word. Donald is one of those politicians who (worries/worry) about penis size. Marco is the only one of the politicians who (brings/bring) penis size up. Ted, together with his advisers, (has/have) decided not to mention penis size. The number of politicians having penises (is/are) steadily declining. A number of serious policy issues … More Subject/Verb Agreement

One Word or Two?

Choose the correct word/phrase Putin couldn’t get (ahold/a hold/hold) of the hit man in time to get the job done. Igor had put his gun away and was (already/all ready) for bed when the phone rang. (Alot/A lot) of Russian journalists don’t have to worry about retirement. Doctor Quack didn’t want to treat hypochondriacs (anymore/any … More One Word or Two?


Adverbs are words that modify verbs, which indicate actions or states of being: The clown acted goofily. Canada did wonderfully in the World Cup. The cat scratched me viciously. Adverbs also modify adjectives: a goofily dressed clown, a wonderfully diverse Canada, a viciously behaved cat. Adverbs also modify other adverbs: a really goofily dressed clown, … More Adverbs