Warning: Irrationality

http://jewishcurrents.org/warning-irrationality/ WARNING: IRRATIONALITY BUT RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISTS AREN’T THE ONLY PROBLEM By Alan Rutkowski   AN UNAPPRECIATED but dangerous consequence of the Trump era is widespread liberal/secular oversimplification of the emerging danger. In their attacks on religion, for example, the so-called New Atheists — Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Christopher Hitchens (RIP), and Sam Harris — have fostered the … More Warning: Irrationality

Humourless Trump

The most striking thing about Donald Trump isn’t his propensity to lie or his Sarah-Palin-like ignorance of the issues and lack of curiosity about them, his boorish name-calling, or even his orange-tinted skin and ridiculous hairdo. The most striking thing about Trump is his complete lack of humour. He has never uttered a witticism or … More Humourless Trump

http://jewishcurrents.org/why-single-israel-out/ WHY SINGLE ISRAEL OUT?   By Alan Rutkowski on August 10, 2017. WHY SINGLE ISRAEL OUT? This is a question often posed to those of us, Jews and non-Jews, who oppose Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and advocate for Palestinian rights. After all, Israel is, as they say, the “only democracy in the region.” Of course, calling … More

Reflections on Conversion and a Trip to Israel

http://jewishcurrents.org/reflections-on-conversion-and-a-trip-to-israel/ I CAME of age in the United States during the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement. Although I certainly never put my life on the line as some did in those struggles, as a university student I participated in them, especially the anti-war movement, and they contributed to my core values and political … More Reflections on Conversion and a Trip to Israel

Ivanka Convinces Trump to Move to Moscow

The following conversation between Ivanka Trump and her father President Donald Trump was picked up by a voice-activated recorder planted by Obama operatives in Trump adviser Steve Bannon’s underwear, which according to leaks by White House staff he never changes. Ivanka: Daddy, can I talk to you about something? Trump: If it doesn’t take too … More Ivanka Convinces Trump to Move to Moscow

Questions for Trump’s Next Press Conference

    At presidential press conferences, it’s the role of the media to ask questions about important policy matters or now about the possibility that Russia has infiltrated our government at the highest levels and is calling the shots. But sometimes, wouldn’t it be nice to hear reporters ask some questions on behalf of the … More Questions for Trump’s Next Press Conference

The Inspiration for Trump’s Lies

President Donald Trump’s blatant, bald-faced lying is amazing and for some, I suppose, refreshing.  American politicians have always been at pains to cloak their lies in some sort of plausibility. When President Bush and Colin Powell were lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, they provided the UN Security Council with a computer-generated image … More The Inspiration for Trump’s Lies