An Exercise in Reducing Wordiness

Try rewriting this passage using fewer words while retaining the original meaning:

“This limit is surpassed in productive imagination: self-intuition, the immediate relation to oneself such as it was formed in reproductive imagination, then becomes a being; it is exteriorized, produced in the world as a thing. This singular thing is the sign; it is engendered by a fantastic production, by an imagination that shows signs of itself, making the sign (Zeichen machende Phantasie) as always emerge from itself in itself.” –Jacques Derrida

Possible revisions:

Imagine shit about ourselves, and something happens, but exactly what isn’t clear, mostly because it’s in German.

Imagination crosses a boundary, intuiting the self, how one imagines oneself to be, a thing, which is a sign of the imagined, and so on.

Imagine being a thing or a sign in and of itself.

Now you try it and compare your revisions with mine.


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