Looking Back


Nine Reasons to Celebrate 2015

  1. Most of us were blissfully unaware of an epidemic of opioid addiction and the 19,000 deaths that resulted from it.
  2. For much of the long Canadian election campaign it seemed likely that the NDP would take government, and even though it didn’t in the end, just thinking it might was exhilarating.
  3. Until almost the end of the year we could reasonably assume that Donald Trump had no chance of winning the nomination or the presidency.
  4. Depressing news about the Israel/Palestinian conflict was overshadowed on cable news by coverage of Trump’s campaign rallies.
  5. From time to time stories about Trump on cable news were briefly bumped by other depressing stories.
  6. Pope Francis was not assassinated.
  7. The new housing bubble did not burst.
  8. The Republican establishment was extremely unhappy.
  9. Bernie Sanders could openly say he is a socialist and still be a viable candidate.

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