Writing Poetry


I’ve tried my best to write beautiful verse

To seek my muse and don the poet’s hat

But meter and rhyme go from bad to worse

Look, just for the rhyme, I throw in a cat

Reading great poets doesn’t help at all

Or make writing verses less of a slog

Their talent for writing just casts a pall

Look, just for the rhyme, I throw in a dog

I can appreciate, why can’t I write?

Genius, alas, is a very rare trait

The talent for writing is like your height

You’re short or tall, and that is your fate

But using a cat or a dog for the rhyme

It really does save a good deal of time


3 thoughts on “Writing Poetry

  1. Alan,you may not believe this, but your poem is ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE BETTER than pretty well any poem I’ve read in The New Yorker or The Walrus over the past few years.

    Of course verses don’t have to rhyme, but even in contemporary times there have to be SOME characteristics that distinguish poetry from prose. Perhaps elegant turns of phrase would be a start? But the “poems” in the latter journals (and I suspect in most collections of modern verse) are basically drivel …..

    Sorry for the rant!


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