The Iowa Caucuses


I was pleased that Donald Trump came in second in the Republican Iowa caucuses even though the winner, Ted Cruz, is creepy beyond belief. But that a lying, narcissistic racist like Donald Trump is merely the second choice of Republicans is somewhat reassuring. On the Democratic side I was disappointed that Bernie Sanders didn’t soundly defeat Hillary Clinton, although even managing to tie her is a victory for him.

Sanders is a true progressive who consistently talks about the issues, not about himself. Republican Marco Rubio thanked God and Jesus for his third-place showing. Who knew God and Jesus were establishment Republicans? Hillary Clinton claimed she is a progressive who wants to get things done. Somehow, I find it hard to believe that a true progressive takes $600 thousand in speaking fees from Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs and $2.8 million from speeches to the healthcare industry. Who will she get things done for?

Bernie Sanders is the true progressive. Hope springs eternal.

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