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The Hominin’s Prayer

The dominant male is my leader;

I’ll be okay.

He helps me get food and water

when I need it.

He leads me to the best and safest places.

He eases my anxiety.

He tells me what to do to avoid

getting into trouble, especially with Him.

Even though the savannah is full of dangers,

I will fear no competitors,

For You are in charge.

Your strength and Your vigour they comfort me.

You protect me from other animals (and from Yourself).

You help me out.

I’m doing pretty well… considering.

I feel safe in Your territory and among friends and relatives

as long as I am in Your troop;

and I submit and accept Your dominance.

Forever. (Or at least until someone replaces You.)

“Is God a Silverback?  https://aeon.co/essays/how-monotheists-modelled-god-on-a-harem-keeping-alpha-male

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