Understanding Trump Supporters


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I feel bad about writing a post that suggested—no, said outright—that Donald Trump’s supporters are stupid and mocked friends and family for their trumpophobia, the cringing fear that Trump may win. I owe some apologies. Trump has clearly tapped into some sincere and deeply held concerns in his supporters, and I should show them more respect. The following is my respectful effort to be less dismissive and to comprehend exactly what about Trump appeals to those who plan to vote for him.


Trump’s supporters are obviously angry about how things are going, and they can remember better times. Hence Trump’s promise to make America great again resonates with them. True, he doesn’t give many specifics—any really—about how he plans to make America great again, but he has given hints that it might have something to do with putting minorities and women in their place and getting manufacturing jobs for white guys back again. For many of them, especially the ones working as Walmart greeters, that would be great enough. Remember when we used to laugh at badly made Japanese cars?

Dreams of wealth

Trump’s supporters are sick of politicians who promise all sorts of things and never deliver. They figure a successful business man like Trump should be able to run the country more efficiently, like a business, and deliver on the promise to bring the jobs back. Trump’s many bankruptcies and accusations that Trump University was a total scam that mercilessly cheated unsuspecting victims out of their life savings don’t bother his ardent supporters. Hey, the guy is filthy rich. He must have been doing something right, and just maybe he can do it for the country. And maybe he will somehow cut his loyal supporters in.

Straight talk

Unlike slick-talking, scripted politicians who always “stay on message,” Trump tells it like it is no matter how outrageous and offensive it happens to be. Speaking from the gut really appeals to his supporters, who are sick and tired of political correctness. So when Trump calls women pigs, implies that large numbers of undocumented Mexicans are killers and rapists, says John McCain was a loser because he was a prisoner of war, and mocks a disabled reporter, his supporters find it refreshing.


Trump supporters want America to be a strong, kick-ass country that knows how to deal with Muslim terrorists and the liberal media. When Trump says he admires Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, they understand what he means. Sure, Putin is a dictator, but as one Trump supporter put it, “Putin is probably a better president for his country, unlike our president, who is working against us.”

A Desire to Expose the Truth about the following Conspiracies:

Common Core – a plot to brainwash students with liberal, anti-Christian dogma.

Military Exercises – a prelude to martial law

Shariah Law – something secret Muslim Obama wants to impose on Americans

The Coming Seizure Of Americans’ Firearms, so they can’t defend themselves against Muslim terrorists.

Secret concentration camps being set up by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Secret Muslim Training Camps

The Homosexual Agenda

Okay, I’m sorry, but trump supporters just are fucking stupid. There is no way around it. But I do apologize to friends and family for making light of their trumpophobia.

3 thoughts on “Understanding Trump Supporters

  1. There’s an assumption that a lot of Trump supporters would be horrified if they paid attention to what their candidate was actually saying. The more liberal-minded (and I’m using the term as it applies in US politics) may be missing the fact that a majority of T’s supporters understand perfectly well, and wholeheartedly embrace, religious intolerance, bigotry, exceptionalism and all the other dreary crap that is binding the dregs of republicanism together these days.

    The really shocking thing is that Trump is accepted as spokesperson by interests that normally don’t have a lot in common and are seldom consistent in their messages. The NRA venerates the Second Amendment as a bastion of defence against tyranny. White supremacists want easy access to firearms to kill all non-whites just as soon as Armageddon gets under way. Security moms, wary if they need to drive their armoured SUV’s within sight of a mosque, need to have their assault rifles close at hand. All are happy to hear what Trump says about gun control.


  2. That’s me in that photo, and for someone who’s bitching about spreading hate – YOU are helping circulate a photoshopped picture, just to suit your agenda. People like YOU in our society is why Trump is now your new president! smh


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