Complimenting Donald Trump

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At the second Presidential debate, the final question came from an audience member who asked if the candidates could say something they “respect in one another.” Donald Trump said he admired Hillary Clinton for never quitting, something, of course, he admires in himself. Hillary Clinton lamely said she admired Donald Trump’s rather creepy kids. Had she been thinking on her feet, here are some compliments she might have come up with:

I admire Donald’s ability to indulge in blatant falsehoods, racism and misogyny and still have the support of so many Evangelical Christians.

I admire Donald for having the guts to go out in public looking like that.

I admire the way Donald seems to sweat less than most fat men who snort coke.

I admire the way Donald restrained himself and didn’t punch Howard Stern in the face when Stern said Ivanka, Donald’s daughter, was a “nice piece of ass.” Donald just said, “Yeah.”

I admire Donald’s taste in trophy wives.

Donald has a nice smile (just kidding).

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