The Icing on the Trump Cake

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Melania Trump was out stumping for Donald today. In her first campaign speech, Melania said that as First Lady she wants to protect children from “hurtful social media.” What? If she does become First Lady it will be for a President who has raised cyber bullying on social media to nearly cosmic levels. Who on earth could have put such a line in her speech?  Maybe the same speech writer who plagiarized a Michelle Obama speech for Melania wrote this one too. Or maybe Melania threw the line in herself as a warning to the nation against putting Donald Trump and his Twitter account in the White House. I can imagine campaign operatives livid with her after the speech: “Why did you throw that in about hurtful social media for God’s sake?”

The outrage of Trump campaign operatives with functioning frontal lobes at Melania’s bringing up cyber bullying would be understandable. She was supposed to be appealing to the crucial women’s vote in suburban Philadelphia. Did somebody in the campaign really want to remind suburban moms that Trump uses social media in a way that would get their kids expelled from school? She might just as well have also brought up sexual assault. “As First lady, I will actively oppose pussy grabbing.” The whole Trump phenomenon is a crazy cake, and Melania’s goofy speech is just the icing.

The sad thing for Americans is that the Trump cake has already been baked, and they will be eating it long after the election no matter who wins. If Trump wins, very dark forces will have prevailed, and if Hillary wins, those same very dark forces aren’t going to go away any time soon. What a fucked up country.

3 thoughts on “The Icing on the Trump Cake

  1. Melania Trump was asked what she thought about the vicious anti-Semitic harassment of reporter Julia Ioffe by Trump supporters after Ioffe bylined an article for GQ Magazine that offended the Trumps. Melania’s response was that the reporter had brought the abuse on herself.

    Does this sound like someone who is prepared to take a stand on bullying?


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