Russia’s Compromising Information on Trump

Image result for trump in moscow cartoon

  1. As the result of a botched hair transplant operation, he has no pubic hair.
  2. He has texted pictures of his crotch to Anthony Weiner showing pubic hair that is obviously phony.
  3. He urinates involuntarily on hearing himself criticized.
  4. He suffers from chronic diaper rash.
  5. He has frequent nightmares, talks in his sleep, and wets the bed.
  6. He wears a girdle.
  7. He snorts cocaine.
  8. He wears elevator shoes.
  9. He swore eternal loyalty to Vladimir Putin in a handmade Valentine card.
  10. Melania is a professional escort who agreed to appear with him in public as his wife.

One thought on “Russia’s Compromising Information on Trump

  1. I think you’ve got it right – and I love the adorable Putin photo; I didn’t think he was capable of an almost-cute look.


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