Trump is not a Legitimate President

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Five reasons Rep John Lewis is right, and Donald Trump is not a legitimate president

  1. He lost the popular vote by 3 million votes and won the Electoral College narrowly only with the help of Russian interference on his behalf and arguably the actions of FBI Direct James Comey.
  2. He is manifestly unfit mentally and temperamentally to lead the country. His vicious tweets attacking anybody who dares to say anything negative about him betray a pathologically narcissistic personality.
  3. Having such a man’s hands close to the nuclear codes poses a threat to humanity that should override all other concerns.
  4. Many of his proposals, such as banning Muslims from the country and reinstituting torture, are unconstitutional, and even though his cabinet nominees have flatly contradicted him on many issues, there is no guarantee that his administration won’t constantly overstep the Constitution.
  5. His admiration for Vladimir Putin is troubling. Any collusion of his campaign with the Russians to destabilize American democracy is treasonous, and there is good reason to believe such collusion took place. Indeed there is reason to believe that Donald Trump is himself a Russian asset.

As the fateful inauguration approaches, Americans have good reason to join John Lewis and declare loudly that Donald Trump is not a legitimate president.

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