Take the Pledge: No More Trump

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We desperately need to call an International Day of not paying any attention to Donald Trump. The man craves the attention, and has been playing us all for suckers by saying outrageous nonsense all the time to get the attention he craves. The media breathlessly reports every idiocy Trump utters, and we normal people around the world have apoplexy reacting to it. This has to stop.

What would happen if an entire day passed with no one even saying the name Trump? I suspect he might just fall over dead. It’s worth a try. Obviously we can’t get everybody on the planet to ignore Trump for a day, but maybe all we need is a critical mass. Maybe we could get two major American cable networks not to mention him by name in any of their reports just for 24 hours. The broadcast journalists he has denigrated and attacked might be willing to go along with this. It wouldn’t matter if print media mentioned him by name because he doesn’t read the print media anyway.

Trump is a pathological liar and narcissist, but there is no reason our reactions have to be pathological, and in fact that’s what they have become. All we’re doing is feeding his narcissism.

How is it possible to be shocked by finding out that the ratings for his stupid reality TV show The Apprentice were tanking every year he was in charge of it? Oh my God, he was lying about the ratings! He lies about fucking everything, so we have to stop being shocked. We have to stop paying attention. Constant, predictable lying about everything is not interesting. It’s boring.

Trump loves and admires the Russian butcher Putin, and it doesn’t bother his evangelical Christian supporters. Jesus Christ, how is that possible? No, we have to stop reacting that way. Who fucking cares what does or doesn’t bother Trump’s evangelical Christian supporters? They’re nuts anyway. They don’t believe in evolution or global warming, for Christ’s sake.

We need a Trump blackout. We need to have Anderson Cooper report on CNN that some British spy claims the Russians have a tape showing Trump putting gerbils up his ass, and nobody cares.  “And so, according to a new CNN poll, nobody seems to have heard about the gerbils.”

Let’s get this thing going. Everybody take the pledge: For 24 hours I am not going to think or talk about Donald Trump or mention his name or react to anything that even remotely reminds me of him. For 24 hours Donald Trump doesn’t exist. There are movies to see and books to read, love to be made, meals to be cooked, toenails to be clipped. Life without Trump can be full. Embrace it!

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