Quote of the Day

“We also know that religion, as the Marxists have always insisted, has, too often, like an opiate, tended to put people to sleep to the reality and the need for the present struggle for peace and justice.”–Dorothy Day

Quote of the Day

“Jewish tradition teaches us that for the next ten days, the Book of Life is open. As millions of Jews ask God to inscribe their names in that book, we recognize how much lies beyond our control. Yet during these days of awe, we recognize our tremendous power to make a difference in our lives … More Quote of the Day

Incompetent Crooks

Erv got into the pizza business before it really took off, at least in Denver. Supposedly, the 1952 song “That’s Amore” with the line “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore” really gave pizza a boost. But in 1956, when Erv opened his little hole-in-the-wall take-out pizzeria in West … More Incompetent Crooks

The Thaw

  Years ago, before we bought our own house in Edmonton only a couple of kilometers from the University of Alberta, where I worked as a librarian, I had to take a bus to work. We had lived in Edmonton for about three years, long enough to know all the vicissitudes of the long winter. … More The Thaw

Quote of the Day

“Don’t you believe in flying saucers, they ask me? Don’t you believe in telepathy? — in ancient astronauts? — in the Bermuda triangle? — in life after death? No, I reply. No, no, no, no, and again no. One person recently, goaded into desperation by the litany of unrelieved negation, burst out ‘Don’t you believe … More Quote of the Day