Quote of the Day

“Donald Trump is America’s back mole. It may have seemed harmless a year ago, but now that it’s become frighteningly bigger, it’s no longer wise to ignore it.”–John Oliver

Trump: Questions Are a Distraction

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will reportedly wear earplugs during the upcoming presidential debates with Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. “I just find the questions too distracting,” Trump said. “I know what points I want to get across about making America great again, and that’s what people want to hear. Why should some debate moderator like … More Trump: Questions Are a Distraction

Quote of the Day

“At this point Trump is the political equivalent of a phone sex operator. He’s just whispering whatever dirty little racist fantasies Republicans want to hear.”–Michael Che

Basket of Deplorables

Hillary Clinton’s use of the term “basket of deplorables” to describe half of Donald Trump’s supporters is puzzling.  Baskets don’t generally come large enough to hold large numbers of people, deplorable or not, and “deplorables” is an oddly mild pejorative to describe Trump’s supporters. Head colds are deplorable. Complaining that half of Trump’s supporters are … More Basket of Deplorables

Quote of the Day

“French intellectual life has, in my opinion, been turned into something cheap and meretricious by the ‘star’ system. It is like Hollywood. Thus we go from one absurdity to another – Stalinism, existentialism. Lacan, Derrida – some of them obscene ( Stalinism), some simply infantile and ridiculous ( Lacan, Derrida). What is striking, however, is … More Quote of the Day